Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adventure Novel: Exposition (Beginning Situation)

We have studied about common archetypes of the hero's journey.  Another common situation archetype in literature involves the "task" archetype, which refers to a superhuman feat that must be accomplished in order to fulfill the ultimate goal. Describe the setting and the main character (the protagonist) in your "adventure" novel.  Explain how the setting contributes to the "task" archetype.  Also, predict what "task" the protagonist must complete to reach his/her ultimate goal.  If it has already been revealed what the protagonist's "task" is, explain what superhuman lengths he/she has to face in order to succeed in reaching his/her goal. (Be sure to introduce your blog with title and author. Use evidence from the novel to support your response.)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Initiation Experience in Empire of the Sun

The "Initiation" is an archetypical situation in which an individual comes into maturity.  He or she gains a new awareness into the nature of circumstances and problems and understands his or her responsibility for trying to resolve the dilemma.  Typically, a hero receives a calling, a message or signal that he or she must make sacrifices and become responsible for getting involved in the problem. Often a hero will deny and question the calling but ultimately, he/she will accept the responsibility.

In Empire of the Sun, what is the event in which Jim is "initiated?"  What is he like before the "initiation" and how does his life change after the "initiation?"  What are the advantages and disadvantages of his initiation?