Friday, January 10, 2014

Black Ships Before Troy

Black Ships Before Troy is a translation of an ancient and legendary story that exemplifies the situational archetype of the "task" or the "journey".  The journey sends the hero in search of some truth or information necessary to restore justice or harmony to the kingdom.  The journey includes a series of trials the hero must face which include sometimes superhuman "tasks" or feats that must be accomplished in order to fulfill the ultimate goal.  It also has qualities of the "quest" in which the protagonist or hero must search for someone or some talisman, which when found and brought back, will restore blessings to a suffering land - suffering which is reflected in the hero's disability or weakness.  Examine where these archetypes are present in the novel, Black Ships Before Troy.  Focus on one scene that demonstrates these archetypes.  (Make sure it's an exciting and distinctive part of the story.)  Examine the necessary plot elements of the scene you are focusing on (character, setting, sequence of events, conflict, theme, etc) and rewrite this scene in a modern setting.  First Paragraph:  Launch your rewritten story into the first series of action.  In 5-6 sentences, describe what is happening as your adventure begins.  Use specific details and make sure it reflects the archetype I mentioned above.  Second Paragraph:  What's the next important event in this scene?  Describe in 5-6 sentences what is happeinging as your adventure continues.  Keep on thinking "modern version".  Third Paragraph: Wrap up your final sequence of events in 5-6 sentences.  Use great details to bring your modern version of a scene in Black Ships to an end. How does the archetypal situation end?  Be sure to post anonymously but sign your name.  Can't wait to read your creative versions of this story!